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Team Micron

Mike Preston
General Manager
Mike is the main sales contact, and also handles some of the administrative functions at Micron. Working with our RFQ team, Mike reviews all aspects of your request to ensure we’re doing the best job we can for you.
Dan Vermeesch
Plant Manager
In the office, Dan facilitates Micron’s management team. Outside the office, he travels the country giving presentations on principles, lean manufacturing, strategic planning and all kinds of other fun stuff.
Bruce Flater
Customer Service
This man takes care of you. He brings more than three-and-a-half decades of experience to Micron and our customers, making sure every aspect of your project is done the way you want it and the way it should be done.
Brian Hoff
Quality Manager
Brian’s working life revolves around making everything its best. Have a suggestion or problem? Brian is the man to take care of you. The rest of the time, he works to prevent problems before they happen.
John Studabaker
Engineering Program Manager
With a strong engineering mind and background, John oversees all CAD and engineering for new product launches and existing production.

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PO Box 141667
Grand Rapids, MI 49514

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