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Dan Vermeesch

Meet Dan
Direct #: 616.735.1085

  • Lean Champion
  • Plant Leader
  • Fish Fry Guy
  • Cub Scout Den Leader

I started in June, 1996, wandering aimlessly looking for general ways to cut waste, define responsibilities and establish a culture of accountability. You can imagine how well all that went over coming from a guy with a degree in electrical engineering (from Michigan Tech University), five years of experience in aerospace electronics, two in commercial electronics and zip, zero, none in precision machining.

In October, 1997, I was put in the position of plant manager and immediately started to look for ways to eliminate my job (I was successful about two years ago, but don’t tell my boss, shhhh). In 1999, as ISO rep, I led the company through certification.

In late 2000, we officially kicked off our lean journey. Since then I’ve facilitated Micron’s management team, which is responsible for development and deployment of the company’s strategic plan and company-wide key performance indicators. In 2008 we were one of only 19 companies on the planet to be awarded the Shingo Silver Medallion for Operational Excellence.

Since 2005, I’ve had the honor to serve two three-year tours as a member of the Precision Machined Products Association’s (PMPA) Technical Programming Committee (2009 as chairman), and I’m now on my first tour as a member of the Management Update Committee.

Over the last decade, I’ve given many speeches across our great nation, conducted dozens of tours through our plant to hundreds of guests, focusing on being a principle-driven organization, creating a lean culture, strategic planning and policy deployment, reducing set up time, etc.

Hmmm, is this gettin’ a bit wordy? I don’t know why people say that I like to hear myself talk, there’s just sooo much to say and not enough time and space to say it…

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