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The Micron Manufacturing Team
There’s a cliché about a well-oiled machine. We’re tempted to use it to describe our team, but because we have several actual well-oiled machines on site, we don’t want to risk confusion. Without our team working together, we wouldn’t be able to give you what you want, when you want it, how you want it.

Every member of our team—on the floor, in the offices, on the phones, on the road—is here to support your product and understands that requires seamless collaboration within Micron and with you. We have internal processes in place to make sure our company runs smoothly and efficiently, all the way down to knowing when to order a new drill or another case of paper towel.

It’s this attention to detail, and the support of every team member in every role of the company, that ensures your parts are created on time with precision.

One of the most common reactions we hear from people who tour our plant: “It’s different.” When we ask why, it usually comes down to the fact our team is genuinely friendly and hard-working. People who have met our team are never shocked to see high quality parts come out of our plant. Neither are we.

Meet the team

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