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About Micron

Micron PartsAbout us? Not so much. At Micron, it’s about your company, your product and what we can do for you. Our company has been built on relationships since the beginning, and when we truly care about our customers, we do our best work.

You come to Micron because you want a part. Maybe you’re drawn in by our reputation as a manufacturer with hopped-up lean business systems, or perhaps you were referred by someone who values the relationship with our talented team. In the end, though, you want your parts created the right way and delivered on time.

With a two-phase process, design and engineering support and the best machinery available, we can and have produced parts of all sizes and complexities.

Lean Business Systems Experts
We received the Shingo Silver Medallion Award, sometimes referred to as the Nobel Prize of Manufacturing, honoring our efforts toward lean manufacturing. We speak at conferences on the subject and give tours of our own plant. We believe by sharing what we know, everyone will be better off.

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